What are the different types of Road safety equipment and their applications?

What are the different types of Road safety equipment and their applications?

Road safety is very important to everyone, irrespective of whether you have a car or not. The number of road accidents in the USA has increased to more than 43% in 2021. That’s why it’s important to always follow traffic rules and guidelines.

The usage of technology has been a blessing because there is now uniquely designed road safety equipment which can drastically reduce the rising rates of traffic problems. This will ensure better safety for both drivers and passengers. Here are some important road safety equipment you should know about and how they are applied.

Traffic Barricades

Traffic barricades or traffic barriers are known to control car traffic around a location. It’s vital to know where to buy road safety equipment like this to avoid buying inferior products. This equipment is used to effectively monitor foot traffic in busy environments. They can be seen around construction sites, roadblocks and accident areas.

Moreover, traffic barriers are popular at hospitals, school areas, concerts and sporting arenas. Due to the multifunctional features, they are available in many sizes and weights. Irrespective of the model, traffic barricades aim to greatly reduce accidents and traffic injuries.

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are other popular pieces of road safety equipment which are used to divide lanes in traffic. They provide clear direction around road constructions, utility sites and other important areas. They are also used to alert drivers about hazards ahead, like:

  • potholes ;
  • raised manholes ;
  • sharp turns ;
  • car crashes ;
  • bad lands ahead.

Furthermore, traffic cones are put outside construction sites to control foot traffic. You can find them in entertainment and business settings to improve visibility. The aim is to prevent traffic accidents, and they need to be applied correctly for maximum safety.

Speed breakers

How can we talk about road safety equipment without discussing speed breakers? Sometimes called speed ​​bumps, these are road safety equipment that can be used to reduce your vehicle speed.

Many times, car drivers forget they on the express or highly volatile areas, which can lead to accidents. These speed breakers are placed around delicate areas like schools, hospitals, national structures, military checkpoints and other strategic areas.

Road Crash Barrier

Road crash barrier is another vital road safety product which helps slow down cars when they crag into barriers. This helps distribute the crash impact so that there is less damage to the vehicle and its occupant as there are no barriers.

Road Traffic control systems

Road Traffic control systems (RTCS) are modernized safety equipment which helps collect and analyze driving data of cars in a location. They help perform good traffic signal control according to the ever-changing traffic situation in a location.

Also, these traffic control systems help ensure the easy flow of traffic by reducing the driving time of cars and limiting the number of times cars come to a halt. Their benefits are many and they include, a reduction in traffic accidents, decreasing air pollution and making the traffic environment safer.


Proximity sensors are high-quality road safety equipment which help reduce road accidents. These types of sensors aren’t as common as other road safety products, but they provide a good alternative to those who want to use high-tech to control traffic.

Moreover, a sensor helps detect the closeness of a car to where it’s placed and is used more in an internal and highly secure location.

Road safety is everybody’s business, that’s why it’s important to invest in the many road safety products mentioned above. Human lives cannot be quantified, therefore choosing any of these products is a small price to pay for good road safety.

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